About Our Store

We opened Mister Comic because we love comics, and we want to make it as easy as possible for others to love them too.

We're currently in something of an "open beta" as we build inventory and get to know the tastes of our community (both online and off). The goal is to try and thread the needle to be an online local business, and not just a local business online. What's that mean? 

On a lot of online stores (say, for instance, just pulling one from thin air: Amazon), the focus is on getting you in and out as quickly as possible. Get your product and go.

Local brick and mortar stores have a different vibe. You talk to the owner, you browse the shelves, you read the staff recommendations posted up alongside. We're trying to do that sort of thing, so you're going to see a lot of curated collections, a lot of us encouraging you to say hi in the chat, and (as we grow) an ample selection of the popular stuff mixed with the weird obscure stuff. 

It's okay if you know nothing about comics, or you used to know stuff and need help figuring out where to start again, or you love the movies and want to discover stuff like those. We're here to help, with whatever.