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Moon Knight Epic Collection Vol 7 - Death Watch

Moon Knight Epic Collection Vol 7 - Death Watch

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Format: Trade Paperback

Writer: Terry Kavanagh, Bruce Jones, Howard Mackie, Doug Moench

Artist: Denys Cowan, Gary Kwapisz

Moon Knight is dying! Doctor Doom would have words with Marc Spector — but can even an upgraded Fist of Khonshu stand against the monarch of Latveria? The Infinity War pits Moon Knight against his own doppelgangers from across the multiverse. But Marc’s days are numbered, and neither Reed Richards nor Doctor Strange can help with the mysterious malady that ails him. Does the search for a cure involve Spider-Man — and Demogoblin?! As his time ticks down and with his heroic career in doubt, Marc embarks on a legacy quest to find his successor as Moon Knight! Plus: Bushman targets those closest to Marc! And Moon Knight fights for survival alongside Shang-Chi!

COLLECTING: Marc Spector: Moon Knight (1989) 39-51, Moon Knight: Divided We Fall (1992) 1, Moon Knight Special (1992) 1, Web of Spider-Man (1985) 93-94, material from Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 152-154

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